• What is the highest temperature that thermal oil heater could achieve?

    Sitong thermal oil heater can reach as high as 330℃, and working under low pressure (<1.0MPa)
    The main types of Sitong thermal oil boiler includes YGL series vertical type fixed grate coal/biomass fired hot oil boiler, YLW series horizontal type chain grate coal/biomass hot oil heater, YLL series vertical type chain grate coal/biomass fuel thermal oil boiler, and YY(Q)W series horizontal type oil gas fired thermal fluid heater.

  • What is the size and humidity of coal/biomass fuel?

    Size requirement of coal:6-25mm
    Size requirement of blending coal: <50mm (the coal less than 6mm should less than 30%)
    Diameter of biomass particle: 6~10mm, length: 25~50mm, water content < 15%, ash content < 2%, sulphur content<0.07%, chlorinity <0.07%, nitrogen content < 0.5%

  • What is the feeding method of Sitong coal fired thermal oil heater?

    The combustion equipment of YGL series vertical type coal fired hot oil boiler is fixed grate, the feeding method is manual feeding.

    The combustion equipment of YLW series horizontal type coal hot oil heater and YLL series coal fired thermal oil boiler is chain grate, the feed method is automatic loading by coal hopper.

  • What are the heat-resistance temperature of grate and furnace?

    The heat resistance temperature of grate is related to the grate material, the highest temperature could be as high as 1100℃, and the lower temperature could be 700℃.
    The highest heat resistance temperature of furnace could be about 1700℃~1800℃.

  • What is conduction oil/ hot oil / heat transfer fluid?

    Conduction oil has a high boiling point, it usually used for the industries that need the temperature of 150~350℃, to instead of steam. The hot oil has the advantages of high transfer efficiency, fast heat transfer, and good thermal stability.

    As the heat-transfer medium, hot oil has the characteristics of:
    1.Achieve high operation temperature (350℃), under the low working pressure (<1.1Mpa).
    2.Decrease the working pressure of high temperature heating system, improve safety and stability of system and equipment.
    Fit for process requirement on wider temperature range (180).